About My services

Hi, my name is J.S. Clingman, and I live in the Ozark mountains in Missouri. Do you have an idea that you want to publish abroad - but just don't have the time to make a website for it? In that case, I can help you. I can do simple website design using the online program of ​site123.com​​​. There are advantages and disadvantages to this... let me list the advantages for you, among the things that Site123, which would become your server (I am not your server, I simply build your website) offers. I will also list what the advantages of having me build your website are.
  • Affordability - Site123 (your server) offers a free subdomain (example: simplewebsitedesign.site123.me. The ending must be site123.me and is not customizable unless you upgrade. Your subdomain will be totally free, even if you are planning on an e-commerce store. You won't have to pay a thing to Site123 as long as your orders stay under 10 per month, you don't exceed 500 MB storage (saved orders and messages sent to you from your Contact Us page or Store), and you don't exceed 1 GB bandwidth. Even if this does happen, (with the exception of 10 orders per month), I can duplicate your website to fix the problem. You still wouldn't have to pay a thing. Of course, this does not include the website-building fee which you will pay me, not the server, and which is still very affordable. $750.00 no matter what website, how many pages, or how many pages you want. It will not ever exceed $750.00!
  • Convenience - Considering that I will build your site for you, you won't have to move a finger! Just tell me what you want me to say, send me some pictures (depending if you want any special pictures on your site) and I'll do the rest of the work! Although Site123 is a DIY website builder, you may still not have the time to make your own site, which is where I help you.
  • Simplicity - The website stays simple and easy to maneuver around.
Here are some sites that I have built, just to show you what I can do: Clingman Photography, Valley Vision Ranch.

If you have any questions, just contact me.

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